Useful Instructions For Writing A Successful PhD Thesis

A PhD thesis is much more than a simple composition. It is one of the most important texts that you will write in your life and you have to be completely focused when you deal with it. Your ideas need to be original, and your thesis needs to bring a real contribution to the subject. It takes months of work to create something successful, so you should start as early as possible. For sure you know how your project should look like, but there are some details that can make the difference in front of your professor:

  • Don’t rush in choosing your topic. It does not matter how talented you are and how much you work. If the topic is boring, your project will not be good enough. Remember that you need to find out new and interesting things about the subject, so do not restrict yourself to things that other people already know.

  • Be creative. Once you know your topic, you need to make research. Now, most of the students will read some books and search information on the Internet, but this is not enough. You need to be better than others, and you can do this only if you are more original than them. Take interviews of important people, discuss with professors, visit museums. Anything that could give you more and more information is good.

  • Make your own experiment or statistics. If you discuss about a social matter for example, try to make an experiment to prove your point. Describe the entire process in your thesis, as well as the results. This proves that you are really dedicated to your study, and it saves you the effort of search for relevant statistics or experiments.

  • Introduce references and quotations. This is the key to a complete PhD thesis. When you do this, you help the reader understand different perspectives, and you show that you have solid knowledge about the subject. Make sure to mention the author of the quote or the source.

  • Stay away from colloquial expressions. It does not matter if the topic is easy, you can not use this kind of language. One inappropriate expression can destroy all your work.

  • Be careful with the details. A thesis means more than a few written pages. You need a references page, a title page, a literature review and so on.

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