Getting A Sample Of An MBA Dissertation Proposal: Helpful Tips

The MBA is perhaps one of the most common master’s level programs one could consider participating in. Generally this program culminates in the completion of a dissertation. The writing of this paper may not be that difficult if you understand the writing style you should be using and you have a sample to help you with your formatting. The same goes for the creation of the proposal, a document which must be presented in order for your dissertation topic to be approved in the first place. Here are some sources you can investigate in order to acquire that sample:

Your university

Whatever institution is responsible for your MBA program should ideally provide you with all the resources you need to succeed in your program. This includes sample dissertations. The person to ask maybe your professor or teaching assistant depending on how the communication process operates in the department.

The other people pursuing the same degree

If you need a dissertation proposal sample, it’s likely that the other people doing your degree do too. Ask around and you should be able to get a good proposal without paying a dime. This does not apply if you've been awful to everyone this whole semester. Such actions tend to come back to you at the least convenient moments.

A simple search of the web

With any search engine you can look for MBA dissertation samples and be presented with hundreds of thousands of results to choose from. Some will be atrocious, others will be just what you need. The trouble is sifting through them and telling which is which. If you have a rubric on hand, now would be a good time to use it.

An academic writing site

These sites are used by companies to attract paying clients. In your position you have two main choices. One is to pay to have a custom sample MBA dissertation proposal created for you. It would be considered plagiarism if you submitted this as your own work so this should just be used to give you a sense of how your own work should look when complete. The other option is to sort through the free material on the site for samples. Among them you might find an MBA dissertation proposal that you can use for reference.

Use these tips wisely.

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