Choosing Successful Dissertation Topics: A List Of Fresh Ideas

What you Want When You Debate A Dissertation Topic Is a Strong One that Can Be Discussed For Pages and Pages

The best dissertation topics are ones that cannot easily be discussed in a few pages. You also want a topic that is not so original that you cannot find research about it. Research, you see, not only gives you support for your ideas and arguments, it also gives you many, many persons with whom you can engage in a critical dialogue with for many pages and pages.

So, what you do not want is a relatively new study. Although you may feel like a subject that is relatively unheard of before will give you something new to say—it also will not yield the kind of pages and pages of research you’ll need—whole tables and graphs to take up space, that a student wants with a project of this length, right?

You Need a Big Topic

What you want are topics with lots to say about them – but not so dated (unless you are in the humanities and can discuss anything then from ancient literature to current theory on ancient literature). But if you are in the sciences, then, most certainly, you will want a topic that is recent, but not so recent there are no findings or extensive research upon it.

For example, in the past five years a huge study was done on Amish children, as they found no autism or other health issues and wondered why, in such a large sample, were these children and teenagers so darn healthy. They finally concluded that raw milk was to credit for their health and, it turns out, that homogenization of milk, which we once thought was SAVING us from disease, is really causing many many diseases. This is yet to be proven. So although I might want to write on this topic, it would not be smart to write upon this topic for the lack of conclusive evidence yet.

  1. AIDS and HIV: Developments over the Last Five Years
  2. How Successful are Hepatitis C treatments—The Long Run
  3. Autism: New Developments since 2004
  4. SIDS: New Approaches to Lost Children
  5. New Approaches to Psychoanalysis for PTSD Afghanistan Veterans

All of these topics would allow you to discuss the findings of these issues for several hundreds of pages.

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