A Simple Strategy For Writing A Law Dissertation Methodology Section

The assumption from the beginning of this article is that you have already chosen the law topic for your dissertation. Of course you will have been discussing this with your supervisor or tutor for some time and planning will be well established. But in this article we are looking at a simple strategy for you to complete your methodology section.

A very foundation of your strategy is that you will understand what is required. Here are some pertinent points.

  • You are describing your research methods.
  • You are explaining why you have chosen to use qualitative or quantitative methods or both.
  • You are explaining the academic relevancy of your research methods.

It is most important that your strategy enables you to understand the fundamentals. You will not get away with vague statements. The type of methodology you will tackle, the reason or reasons why you have made that choice, and their relevance to an academic approach to the dissertation. All these points form the basis of your strategy.

Before or after

You need to decide if your methodology dissertation will be handed in before or after you tackle the necessary research. The titles of the research documents will need to be linked specifically to your methods. If you have already completed the research, then your methodology dissertation will make reference to the various points you have made and how you have reached the conclusions you've reached using your chosen methodology.

Interview or observation

Again a lot will depend on consultations you have with your supervisor or tutor. You can of course use both interview and observation to research the topic but your choice of methodology will influence how you go about this. The two significant factors of course are the exact topic of your dissertation and your chosen methods of analysis.

There are a number of other activities you can undertake such as the analysis of documents or creating a questionnaire. Any and all of the activities are relevant to the research for your dissertation but the overriding strategy is your choice of methodology.

You need to be aware of the situation where you can place the cart before the horse. The choice of your methodology depends entirely upon the questions you need to answer in your dissertation and material you have discovered in your research. Keep your strategy simple.

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