Composing A Solid Thesis Paper On Martin Luther King: Useful Strategies

I often think that it is better to be tasked with writing your thesis paper on someone a little less auspicious because frankly having to come up with a solid paper on the likes of Martin Luther King can be at best daunting and at worst absolutely terrifying. Not only is the man iconic, but he was also solely responsible for bringing the issue of racial equality into the collective consciousness. Some claim that he nailed it and that people of color now have full equal rights. I would argue that while that may be true in theory, in practice recent events in America have proven that not to be the case and that we need to build upon his legacy to finally win full equality across the board.

So, how do you compose a solid thesis paper on Martin Luther King, here’re some useful strategies:

Eat, breathe and sleep King

You are not going to come up with a solid thesis paper unless you fully absorb yourself in his life, ethos and work. There is little point skim-reading certain sections of his life. You need to look at the full picture to even begin to understand this extraordinary man. You need to feel his passion and allow yourself to see his world from his point of view.

Can you argue that he wasn’t a force for positive change?

Now, this is a tough one because it is incredibly difficult to see how you could justifiably argue that changes in the equality laws weren’t warranted. However, we are all human and no-one is perfect. If you dig deep enough, I am sure that you will find that King had flaws. So long as you can back up any claims that you make with real hard-facts; with evidence then I personally think that this would be a great way to go. Not only would your paper be controversial, but it would also be equally valid.

Consider his legacy

As I have already alluded to, while it is clear that the input of Martin Luther King was a pivotal moment; a turning point in history we still have a long way to go. In fact, it could be argued that his legacy is in danger of being tarnished because in many ways we appear to be taking retrograde steps with regard to race relations and equality.

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