Hints to Help You Come Up with Promising Education Thesis Topics

There are several requirements that you need to consider when choosing an education thesis topic. If you manage to develop a topic that meets all of them, it will be easier to formulate some relevant research questions and write a truly outstanding paper.

A good education thesis topic should:

  • Be of interest to you, your advisor and the research community as a whole.
  • If the topic you choose is uninteresting, you won’t be able to impress the readers and prospective employers. Therefore, the effort invested in writing it will be wasted.

  • Solve a real relevant problem.
  • A thesis isn’t just a huge piece of academic writing. It must serve some definite educational purpose. In short, it must enrich the field of your study by either solving one of the existing problems or offering some new efficient tool.

  • Be connected to the existing research.
  • You cannot take a thesis topic out of the blue. It must fit into the field of study, so it should be somehow connected to the other relevant works that exist in this area.

  • Be narrow and well-defined.
  • There is no room for generalizations when it comes to writing a thesis, and especially when you develop a topic for this kind of paper. You must define the goal of your research clearly so the readers will know exactly what the paper is about.

    Be sure to pick a topic that is neither too wide nor too narrow. In the first case, you will not be able to cover it completely. In the second, you will have to add some useless filler content to meet the word count requirements.

  • Be easy to defend.
  • Remember that you will need to defend your thesis, and the topic will be the subject of scrutiny first. This means that it must be strong and relevant, so that it will be easier for you to convince the others that this issue deserves to be studied.

Here are a few prompts that may help you develop a good topic for your education thesis:

  • Is the Montessori method a better option for pre-schoolers?
  • Is pre-school education enough to prepare children for school environment?
  • Should pre-schooling be mandatory?
  • Should primary schools use standardized tests?
  • Do the U.S. educational standards need to be raised?
  • Do primary school students need more independent study time?
  • Should schools increase the focus on personality development?
  • Should there be vocational training programs in high schools?
  • Single gender or co-ed schools: Which is better?
  • Do we need religious education?
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