List Of Winning Dissertation Topics In Structural Engineering

The study of structural engineering involves learning about building structures as well as non-building structures where structural integrity affects whether an object can function correctly and safely (e.g., vehicles, medical equipment, machinery, etc.). In working towards a graduate or doctoral degree in structural engineering you will have to complete a dissertation. Choosing a great topic is essential, so we’ve come up with this list of ideas to help get you started:

  1. Discussing the importance of structural engineering in today’s world. Engineers from different specialty areas must work together to create designs that function properly, efficiently, and safely. Why is communication so important in this field?
  2. The important of multi-disciplinary engineering work. Provide a case study for the Tower in Dubai as an example of multi-disciplinary cooperation and the accomplishments it is as a result of professionals from around the world working together.
  3. Describe the important function that structural engineering has on space exploration and why companies like SpaceX are at the forefront of the revitalization of this industry because of innovations in structural engineering.
  4. Examine techniques used for determining asphalt and road deterioration and provide an argument as to whether the techniques are outdated or if they still provide the necessary information for accurate analysis and evaluation.
  5. What role do structural engineers have in a lot of the low cost but mass produced development machinery being used in third world and poor countries from around the globe? Are these short term solutions or that will need replacing in a matter of years?
  6. How has the structural engineering discipline changed in the computer age? Are software and hardware that can provide more precise equations and solutions eventually replacing the need for humans to make evaluations on an object’s integrity?
  7. What role do structural engineers play in furthering medical technologies such as cross-country machines used for intricate and precise surgeries and procedures? Does this open up the door for an even greater need of engineers specializing in this field?
  8. The challenges of oversea investment: How have larger companies’ investment in oversea production affected the U.S. ability to retain structural engineers to work on local projects rather than those that generate greater revenue and a higher pay from companies?
  9. The networking principal in third-zone engineering: How is this recent technique for evaluating building structures revolutionizing the entire industry?
  10. Discuss the limitations of CAD principles being applied to today’s engineering projects and how it can be a recipe for economic and environmental troubles in the new century?

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