A great academic tutorial for students dealing with PhD thesis writing

Are you wondering how to finish your PhD thesis in time? Have you no previous experience with thesis writing? Do you find it hard to get reliable data for your thesis? Is it overwhelming to complete the thesis without a delay? Do you want to figure out the sources other students use for writing their thesis? Are you having trouble writing your thesis for the doctorate degree?

These questions and many others have their answer if you continue reading this article until the end. You will learn about great suggestions that can help you write your PhD thesis.

Make a list of possible topics

You need to look carefully at your subject and break it down to sub divisions. Carefully create a flow chart or diagram of all the categories of your subject. Give each a few minutes and then decide which one you would like to keep for your paper. You can then create a number of topics you would like to use for your paper. If you are short of ideas, you can sit in a quiet corner and brainstorm for fresh ideas.

Carry out the literature review

A literature review is the background analysis of your subject. You need to check all the available and published material on the subject and create a critical review. This section needs critical analysis skills. Do not think of critique as a bad thing or only pointing out the negatives in a paper. You need to create an objective review that shows both strengths and weaknesses of a paper.

Gather the data

You will need good research for writing a PhD thesis. You need to go deep down into the subject to gather relevant and useful information. Remember not all the data that you gather will be useful for your paper. You need to analyze the research material and keep only that is relevant and valid. Some of the data may not be recent; you need to enter latest information in your paper

Create an outline

It is a good idea to create a detailed outline for your thesis if you want to reduce your efforts. The outline will also include the right structure for your paper. You also need to,

  • Write a rough draft
  • Leave the introduction and conclusion for the end
  • Edit and proof read

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