A List of Dissertation Topics You Should Stay Away From

Writing a dissertation takes the majority of students years to do. This daunting task will take up a majority of your life for months, so you do not want your hard work to be wasted. If you want to have a good dissertation, you must choose the right topic. Some dissertation topics can be difficult to research and may even need to be changed later on. Unless you want to waste time researching a dead end topic, make sure to avoid these dissertation ideas.

Outdated Information

One hundred years ago, a medical paper on curing female hysteria with mechanical stimulation would have been groundbreaking in the medical journals. Today, such a paper would seem laughably archaic. Your dissertation topic must be relevant to modern times.

Avoid the Commonplace

In high school, your teacher told you to avoid papers on abortion and other wedge issues because they had read thousands of similar papers. With your dissertation, you want to avoid the commonplace as well. One of the easiest ways to avoid dissertation topics that have been used is to avoid finding your topic online. If you were able to find the topic listed online, other students probably found it as well. Your “original” idea is most likely overdone if you found it online.

Avoid Boring Topics

You never want to write about a topic that bores you. First, writing about a topic that bores you will cause your writing to be dull. Additionally, you need to avoid boring topics because you will spend months researching this topic. If you dislike your dissertation or feel bored by the topic, it will be much harder to put your best efforts into writing about it.

Forget the Specifics

An overly specific topic may be interesting and unique, but it can also be hard to write about. You will have to include more background information to bring the reader to the specific thesis. In addition, your topic will be more difficult to research. While you avoid highly specific topics, you should also ignore overly general thesis ideas. Generalized ideas have been written in the past and will take too long to research.

Be Wary of Using Your Own Work

As a rule, you should avoid writing about any topic that you have written about before. The chances of you plagiarizing yourself are higher. In addition, it will be harder for you to become enthused about a topic that you have researched extensively in the past.

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