List Of Potential Dissertation Titles On Graphic Design

As computer design and marketing continues to grow, more students are working on degrees in graphic design. This degree is not just for undergrads, so graduate students have to write dissertations to earn their degrees. Choosing the topic is a challenging task for many students. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for students who need to write a graphic design final project before graduation. Here are a few to choose from:

  • Graphic design trends over the past 20 years.
  • Graphic designers who have impacted the industry
  • How has digital art changed over with the change in computer technology?
  • How does function affect graphic design?
  • Aesthetics in graphic design and marketing.
  • Impactful typography from the early 20th Century
  • Impactful typography from the 21st Century
  • Impactful typographical designers throughout history
  • The Use of White Space
  • Graphic Design and the Accessibility of Art
  • 3D Printing and Graphic Design
  • Mobile Phones and Graphic Design
  • The Latest Trends in Graphic Design
  • The Role of Technology in Graphic Design
  • Low-Tech Graphic Design
  • CAD and the Graphic Design Industry
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Useful Graphic Design
  • Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design in the Contemporary World
  • Graphic Designs in the Graphic Novel
  • Graphic Design in Manga and Comic Books
  • Is graphic design a legitimate form of art?
  • How graphic design has impacted popular culture?
  • The Impact of Graphic Design on Video Games
  • Realistic Graphic Design
  • How does graphic design impact political advertising?
  • How does graphic design impact the sports industry?
  • Graphic Design and Its Impact on Fashion

When it comes to choosing a topic, it is always best to pick one that involves an area of graphic design that you are interested in studying. A dissertation is a lengthy paper, so you will be spend significant time researching, organizing, and writing your paper. So if you pick a topic that you will not get tired of working on over the course of the project.

Something else to consider before committing to a topic is whether or not there is something to prove in the dissertation. While researching these topic, graphic arts students will have to look at several pieces of art so they can see the impact of history on them. It is interesting to look at how graphic design changed with the advent of technology and how technology continues to quickly alter the way design is used.

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