A List Of Good Dissertation Topics In Astrophysics For Wanna-Be Hawkings

The mysteries of the universe both excite and frighten us. With the rapid introduction of new technology in the world, we now have the capability to reach further into space than ever before. Below we have made a list of some possible dissertation topics for the budding Astrophysicist.

  • Discuss the possibility of the non-existence of space-time. How might our current theory about the gravitational pull be wrong?
  • Discuss 3 theories for the formulation of black holes.
  • How have our theories of space changed throughout time with the introduction of new technology?
  • Is living in space a real possibility for future generations? Discuss the pros and cons of living outside our home planet.
  • Quantum mechanics has shown us how matter can be, and not be; discuss some theories for how quantum mechanics might work.
  • Are cause and effect truly linked? Explore theories for how they might be separate entities.
  • What would the implications be for us if we were to find life outside of earth? (What would this mean for culture, religion, philosophy, etc.)
  • What makes a planet, a planet? Answer this while including a history of Pluto’s stance as a planet in our solar system.
  • The human spectrum of vision is very limited. Explore some of the other ways in which we can interpret and understand the universe outside of our visual field.
  • How might conspiracy theories aid or hinder our more radical understanding of life in space?
  • Meteors contain matter from around the universe. How might we learn more from their compositions about other planets and solar systems?
  • Global warming is a popular topic in today’s culture. How might astrophysics solve the problems it appears to be causing synthetically or otherwise?
  • Atoms are the smallest observable component of matter that we have found in the universe. Discuss theories as to even smaller particles contained within atoms such as string theory.
  • How has pop culture revolutionized concepts of space-time through film, music, and art?
  • Discuss the possibility of parallel universes. What would the implications of their existence mean for us now?
  • How might animals’ migratory patterns and other instincts help us unveil unseen forces on earth (a possible aid might be the pull from the magnetic poles and innate understanding of time)?
  • Energy can be transferred, and not created; explore theories of the origin of energy in our universe.

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