List Of 15 Great Dissertation Topics About Network Security

With the rise of the Internet, many people are asking themselves if the have the best network security or even how it works. That is why this kind of topic has become so popular with graduate students that are preparing their dissertation. Here is a list of fifteen topics that you can use in your dissertation.

15 Network Security Topics

  • Pick a hacker and explain their attack and how they did it.
  • How was the Rotor Machine developed and how was its algorithm used in World War II.
  • How does anti-virus software work and what is the best one to buy?
  • How does NIST develop security algorithms?
  • How are security algorithms verified?
  • Should the United States and the rest of the world have different standards for encryption?
  • How can wireless connections and devices be made safer?
  • What went on developing the algorithm for MD4?
  • What should the steganography be used for in the modern day?
  • How well do random number generation algorithms work today and what can be done to improve them?
  • How is biometrics going to be used in security in the future?
  • What does the future look like with parallel machines network security if they become commonplace in society?
  • Are your security algorithms in your web browser good enough to protect you?
  • What is the best way to protect copyright on movies and video games and are digital signatures enough?
  • Secure passwords are the best to protect you from prying eyes but can be difficult to remember. Is there a difference between convenience and security when you create a password?

Network security is a great topic to cover for your dissertation and if you pick the right topic, you will engage your audience and keep them thinking about their own network security as they read it. The great thing about this topic is that there are millions of topic to cover and if you start your search online, you will find almost all of the information you need. We use electronic devices every day that are connected to the Internet and we are all vulnerable to security attacks on all of our devices. These kinds of attacks can change lives and that is why you need to know as much as you can on network security to keep all of your information safe from hackers that want to steal it.

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