Good Advice On How To Complete A Dissertation On Marketing

You can’t write a dissertation on marketing unless; you have an understanding of the structure of a dissertation. You will be able to do all of the working finding a subject to write about on marketing, but this guide will show you how to complete it after you have done your research.

How to Write a Marketing Dissertation

  • The first thing you need to include in your paper is your title page. This will include your title, name, explanation of why you are submitting this paper, and the date, department, and school name.
  • On the next page, you will give your acknowledgements; you can thank everyone that helped you along the way.
  • Next will be the abstract, which includes information about the topic, what you wish to accomplish with the study, your methods of research, and what results you got at the end.
  • The next page is the table of contents, which will have a list and page number to all of the sections and chapters in your paper.
  • The body of the paper will include the following parts, introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and recommendations. This is the main part of your paper, and there might be more sections in this part depending on the requirements of the paper.
  • Then you will have your bibliography, where you will list all of the sources you used. This section can be just as long as the body of the paper.
  • The Appendices will have any charts, figures, tables, interviews, surveys, questionnaires, or summaries that need to be included.


Here are some topics that you can consider for your marketing paper.

  1. Does a product’s quality affect how loyal a customer is with their product?
  2. Does brand images affect how available the product is to the consumer?
  3. How do retail deals with different companies affect the brand of product that the company is selling?
  4. Do innovations help keep brands alive or can they sustain on their own?

All of this information should give a good start on your paper. You have all of the information about what you should include each section of your dissertation as well as some ideas to start your research on marketing. But if you are still having problems finding a subject, look at marketing trends and different companies to see how they approach marketing for their products.

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