Picking Interesting Sport History Dissertation Ideas

Your dissertation is important because it is the conclusion of your thesis work. You have gotten through undergraduate and almost fully through graduate school, but are you ready for your thesis? Once this is complete you will have you PhD. This can put a lot of pressure onto the task of selecting a topic. When study Sport History, there are a few a good options you can go with. Below we have outlined some methods you can use when selecting your topic, and some ideas to get your creative juice flowing.

Selecting Your Topic

  • Area of Interest: Throughout the course of your formal education you have been working toward your thesis. You should have a fairly good idea of what your are interested in within the field of Sports History. With your area of personal interest in mind, you are ready to start considering topics. Think about something within your realm of interest that could make a strong dissertation.
  • Supportable Topic: Some ways you can know whether or not a topic is strong is determining whether the idea is supportable. Create a list of promising ideas you find personally interesting and then do some research. See if the topic turns up enough primary and secondary resources to complete the entirity of your work. Weaker ideas will have less available research resources.
  • Unique Idea: Once you have a shortlist of ideas you find promising, that are also supportable, you can narrow down your final choice. With this shortlist of supportable topics, select the idea that is most unique. A unique topic will not only hold your attention, but will also hook in your readers.

Inspiration for a Topic

  • Human Race in Athletics: What role(s) have different human races had in sports throughout the ages?
  • Women in Sports: What role have women had in sports throughout the ages?
  • Breaking Records: What are some method of break records used over history?
  • Winning Strategies: Who are the winners and how do they make it happen?

Now that you have a general idea of how you should go about selecting your topic—paying careful close attention to your personal area of interest, ideas that are supportable, and unique—you are ready to move forward. Looking at our topic ideas, does anything spark your interest? Go out there and dig into the research. With the right plan and idea you will have Sports History dissertation success in no time!

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