Best Ideas For Selecting A Great Dissertation Topic

Picking your dissertation topic is one of the hardest things that a grad student has to do. There are so many things that you have to take into consider before you can pick you topic. Once you pick your topic, it gets a little bit easy to do your dissertation but you have to keep these things in mind as you are selecting your topic.

How To Select Your Dissertation Topic

  • You always want to pick a topic that you are interested in. If you pick a topic that is boring or has nothing to do with your field of study you will fall short in writing your dissertation.
  • Think back to all of the work that you did during your studies. Is there a topic you could do with that work? Do you have solid background on that topic? If you answer yes to either of these questions then you are on your way to selecting your topic.
  • Can you manage your topic in the time frame that you are given to complete it? You might have a great topic but if you can’t finish it in the time frame that you are given then your topic isn’t a good one. Dissertations take a long time to write and if your topic is one that will take years to study and research then it might not be the right topic, unless you want to spend that long on it.
  • You want your dissertation topic to be original; the point of a dissertation is to write it on a topic that hasn’t been researched before. So it has to contribute to your field new information, if it has been done before then you risk not getting your topic approved or receiving your degree.
  • You also have to consider all of the resources that you have at your school to complete your dissertation. If you don’t have to right equipment, you may not be able to do your dissertation topic. If it is just general research then you are okay but if you have to do experiments and you don’t have access to the equipment then you can’t do that topic.
  • Are all of the people on your dissertation committee satisfied with your choice in topic? If the committee doesn’t like your topic then you are going to have to change it. When you are choosing your topic you have to think of the committee also before you select your topic.

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