How to Get a Free Dissertation: 5 Great Suggestions

Dissertations take time and skill to create. Especially if you want them to be any good. If you need one quickly there are many places you can look. The number shrinks somewhat if you aren’t willing to pay though. Here are five great places you can look for a dissertation without paying a cent:

Beg a buddy

If you have friends who regularly engage in academic writing, one of them might be able to loan you a dissertation that they’ve already created. The downside to this method is that it’s only really useful for reference. You can’t exactly submit a dissertation that completely plagiarizes the work of someone you’re close to. If the college were to find out you would both be in trouble, besides it would just be silly to try.

Check the sites that ask for payment

If a site wants money for its papers, you might be wondering why they’d bother giving you access to a dissertation at no charge. That’s simple. Offering something small for free is one of the oldest methods of gaining customers. Nearly every paid academic writing site has a free sample section and you can avail yourself of it whenever you want to work on your style.

Ask your academic advisor

Whoever assigned your dissertation to you or has the most responsibility for your success or failure should be willing to provide resources that further your progress. In addition, this person is working for the college you attend so any assistance they provide to you is supposed to automatically come at no charge.

Ask your tutor

Not everyone has a tutor so this method is only useful in specific situations. If you have one, ask him or her to lend you a dissertation. You would have paid for their services already so this minor addition should not be a problem. Only the greediest of tutors would think to charge you for something so small.

Look at your old work

This is an absolute last resort because if you’re looking for free dissertations, you most likely aren’t interested in your own work. Regardless, you can always depend on yourself to share your own work when other people become stingy with theirs.

As you may have guesses, none of these free dissertation sources will save you the trouble of having to complete a new one for submission. Use the ones you find to make your own writing more professional.

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