A Complete Tutorial On How To Write An APA Style Dissertation

A Dissertation refers to any scholarly writing compiled by a student on a particular theme or a subject to get a university degree or a diploma. These are comparatively longer articles or reports which include various stages like collection of data, its analysis and experimentation, obtaining suitable results and a conclusion lastly.

An APA style is a unique format for developing academic articles or reports and it is also known as American Psychological association style. For developing an APA style article, you need to follow certain guidelines mentioned by the association. The general format of a APA style term paper includes the following sections which are enlisted below:

  • Title or cover page
  • Copyright page
  • Acknowledgement
  • Index or table of contents
  • Preface or an introduction
  • The article body or Text
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography or references
  • Appendices

How to develop an APA style Dissertation?- Key points mentioned

Preparing APA style term paper demands you to follow a unique mode of writing and formatting where each and every section needs to be edited as per the guidelines given. Here are some vital points to remember while preparing APA style term paper:

  • Alignment and margins: Both the right and the left margins must be one and a half inch for all pages and the top margin should be one and a quarter inch for all pages of article body, introduction and conclusion. Two inches must be provided to the top margins for the pages like table of content, bibliography and the appendix.
  • Page numbers: the page numbers should be centrally aligned for each and every page and it should be placed either on top or the bottom of the page with three and a half quarter inch margin. Roman letters can be assigned as the page numbers for the title page, acknowledgement and table of contents and the regular numbering must start from the preface or your introduction page.
  • Line spacing: the entire article should be double spaced and the main chapter titles, subheadings, block quotations, appendices and footnotes etc must be single spaced.
  • The copyright page inserted on the article must provide the details like year of degree conferral, your registration number or ID. Your name and the copyright date should be aligned to the middle of the page and it should be centered from left to right between the margins.

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