Writing A Powerful Thesis Conclusion: Helpful Tips & Tricks

Many students struggle writing the conclusion for a variety of reasons. Some students are simply unsure of how the conclusion should look while other students feel there's no need to reiterate the invasion they still carefully presented in the body of their paper. Still many students are simply onshore of how to organize their data in the best possible manner. No matter the reason for your hesitation writing a good conclusion is not as difficult as it may seem.

If you are writing in strong thesis conclusion there are some tips that you should follow.

  • First of all your conclusion works in tandem with your introduction to frame the arguments that you are presenting. This means that it should act as a mirror component to the information you presented in your introduction. Much like the introduction your conclusion should contain one sentence more or less for each of the main sections of your thesis such as the chapters for the major headings.
  • It is important to remember that your conclusion is the final place you have to make any type of impression on your reader. It is the last place you have to remind them of the information which you presented in the course of your final paper. The key difference between the introduction and the conclusion in this regard is the fact that the introduction serves up the information that will be covered without getting into the evidence you were going to present while the conclusion reminds the reader what evidence you did present.
  • Your conclusion should amount to roughly 10% of the total length of paper. It should close in much the same way that your introduction opened such as providing a startling statistic or important piece of evidence such as a “. It is also beneficial to include a call to arms were you present to the reader what it is they can do to rectify the situation you discussed in the course of your paper.

It is important to note that the conclusion may be the latest section of your thesis but it does not mean you should write it last. You can draft it whenever it seems appropriate and ready, and then change around a few aspects of the final conclusion paragraph after you have edited the content and are satisfied with the final layout and content of your body paragraphs.

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