Deciding On A Dissertation Title: How To Make It Catchy

Think about the first you notice on a book or a movie, it’s the title and if they have a good title then you are inclined to give it a second look. That is what you have to think of when you are getting ready to create your title for your dissertation. It has to be catchy and get the attention of the reader and make them want to read your dissertation. Think of your title of your dissertation as a summary of the dissertation that they are about to read. For example, Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist is a story that is centered around an orphan named Oliver and he is a little different then the other kids, hence twist. You just learned a little about the story from the title.

How To Make A Catchy Dissertation Title

  • Every dissertation title starts out as a working title that you came up with for your proposal. As every student knows, the proposal title is not your final one, so they don’t think much about it and make it a broad title.
  • The best time to revise your title and make it catchier is after you are completely done with your dissertation because by then you will have a general idea of what you dissertation is completely about. Sometimes it takes until something is complete that you fully know what it is about.
  • When you are ready to fix your working title and make it more catchier, you should keep at least some aspect of the working title in it. You already came up with the title about the work but it was a little to broad but now you can narrow it down and make it grab the reader’s attention.
  • If you don’t have the inspiration or time to come up with a catchy title, there are few things you can try to help you come up with a title. Go online and search for the topic that you are covering and read title that are close to the topic you are covering. Reading these title might help you find some inspiration.
  • Be goofy with your title, I don’t mean use humor in your final title but play around with your working title and make it humorous. Acting humorous with your title will relax you and then you are more likely to come up with a good title because you aren’t as stressed, unless you work better under stress. If that is the case ignore this.

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