Expert Guide On How To Make In-Text Citations In A Dissertation

Your dissertation needs to be formatted in an aggressive manner so that readers can identify where you are coming from. The Citation page at the back takes care of the total stock while the relevant page makes a cursory reference.

  • It is ideal to make in-text citations, particularly as you follow the MLA or APA format. This way, you can directly accredit the quotes, tiles and perspectives; not to mention the extracts from books.
  • The in-text citation is done either with the mention of author’s last number and page number in brackets or just the page number in brackets if you have already mentioned the author in the text. A full description of the work, writer; year of publication and page number should be mentioned in the citation age at the back.
  • If there are multiple authors, you can either mention their last names in the text or write their names in brackets mentioning the major name and suffixing it with et al. This should obviously be followed by the page number; all in brackets.
  • You should follow the same trend with biblical references (page number and column should be mentioned in this case). You will however have to take a different route while ingratiating web references.
  • Here, you will have to mention the article name and author. The page number is inconsequential unless the work is expansive.
  • You need to note that the dissertation takes this graded path. For other works, you need to insert a Works Cited page for the holistic references. You will also have to utilize the left and right hand margins for the self-styled descriptions, quotes and tiles.
  • If you are citing an indirect source in a dissertation, you should write quoted in such and such writer’s work in parentheses.
  • The citations should naturally be all relevant and meaningful, since you are dealing with a heavyweight research paper. You cannot deal frivolously with the topical theme.

Get proper inspiration

You should ideally check out systematic samples to get a first-hand impression of how citations should be made. It would be better if you absorb samples in your chosen subject, so your understanding is clearer.

It goes without saying that citation, however important, is just one part of the whole work, a cog in the wheel so to speak. You will have to determine strategic methods and plan the paper sequentially so that the in-text citations seem more resourceful.

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