A List of Great Sample Dissertation Topics in Marketing

Your dissertation project should contribute to your area of study. Do not try to move heaven and earth, since you time and resources are rather limited. However, you need to add something new to make your dissertation notable among all the other existing works. To choose a great topic for your marketing dissertation, look through this list of sample topics. You will probably find something interesting and thought-provoking that will inspire you for a perfect dissertation title.

  • What factors can influence the marketing strategy success?
  • Manipulation tactics and consumer behavior: creating a desire to purchase.
  • Negative effect of advertising on teenagers.
  • The impact of branding on customer behavior: comparative analysis of Apple and Samsung.
  • What marketing strategies should be used for hotel business to attract new clients?
  • The importance of psychographics methods in marketing schemes.
  • Life style and marketing.
  • Effective Internet marketing activities: what should we expect in the future?
  • Social media as an effective tool to promote business.
  • Does irritating and silly advertising reach customers more effectively than an ordinary one?
  • The usage of successful brands advertising methods in political campaigns.
  • Can food product labels influence customer behavior?
  • Impulsive buying: social and psychological aspects.
  • What factors can affect the success of a new brand?
  • The impact of advertising on acquisition of bad habits by teenagers.
  • Branding and customer satisfaction.
  • Consumer attitude towards functional food.
  • Differences in male and female consumer making decision process.
  • How can celebrities influence consumer buying decision?
  • What are the most beneficial ways to build customer loyalty?
  • How do demands change upon generations?
  • Can effectiveness of advertising depend on a social network?
  • Can language influence product identity?
  • Why is it important to know the national culture when promoting the product?
  • Does gender influence customer buying decision?
  • The effect of globalization and customer behavior.
  • How do marketing methods differ across the cultures?
  • What are the major strategies to attract potential clients?
  • Should leading brands have products of the highest quality?

If you struggle to start your dissertation, this collection of sample topics will be very helpful for you to formulate your own paper title. It would be better to make your dissertation project a bit more specific, since you will just have no time to investigate a broad topic. It will help you to set precise and clear research objectives and questions.

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