International Relations Dissertation Titles: 15 Interesting Ideas

Developing topic ideas for an international relations dissertation title can be challenging. Your topic should help develop a focus point while giving readers an idea of what your paper is about. You can get ideas by reviewing papers written on similar topics and by brainstorming original ideas of your own. Here are tips to help you develop a good title along with writing prompts that could lead to your own title.

  • Things to Remember When Working on Your Title
  • When working on your title think about titles that stand out and grab people‚Äôs attention. You can find different assignments to review and pay attention to their titles. Which titles stand out from sample projects and why? Think about certain words or phrases related to your topic that can help make a good title. Your title could be a question or something that hints at a mystery or discovery. Keep your idea short and simple. Think about how it represents your project as a whole.

  • 15 Writing Prompts and Ideas for Potential Titles
  • Students often get ideas for a dissertation title by looking at potential topic ideas. Once you have an idea of what your topic is about you can determine a good title. Some ideas may come as a phrase or short sentence. After thinking about it you can determine what to add or take away. There are students that will brainstorm ideas for a title in the same manner as brainstorming for a topic. Write down what comes to you and determine if it is something you can work with. Here are 15 writing prompts that give insight on potential ideas for a title.

  1. Medical needs of developing countries.
  2. Fighting the war against terrorism.
  3. Crimes committed in military of a country of your choice.
  4. History of violence in Columbia.
  5. Foreign policy conflicts.
  6. Countries suspected of lying about use of nuclear weapons.
  7. Current consequences experienced from Cold War.
  8. Protecting boarders of a country of your interest.
  9. How World Trade Organization influences economic development of a country.
  10. Poorest international areas known to date.
  11. Strengthening structure of global economy.
  12. Understanding how peace can be established between two rival countries.
  13. How World War II started.
  14. International relations and conditions that led to war.
  15. Improving relations among political leaders and citizens in the Middle East.

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