A List Of Unused Health Psychology Dissertation Ideas

There are a wide variety of factors that influence health and illness. While hereditary and contagious illness are common, there are many psychological and behavioural factors that can impact various medical conditions and overall physical well-being. Health psychology is a specialized area that focuses on how health and illness are influenced by psychology, biology, social, and behaviour factors.

This field of research and study is growing quickly, mainly because health psychologists work on the treatment and prevention of illness and disease, along with promoting health. Choosing a topic to use as your dissertation is difficult enough on its own since the field is so vast, but finding ideas that are unused is a bit easier than you may think. To get you started, I have comprised a list of unused health psychology dissertation ideas for you:

  • Terminal illness: Dealing with the request for assisted suicide
  • The use of play therapy for traumatized children: Can it also be used to block the brain's sensation of physical pain?
  • Poor self-image: Breaking the link between low self-esteem and suicide
  • Man on the moon: Why is there no cure for the common cold? Or is there? The ethical implications of withholding discovered cures.
  • Common eating disorders: A contrast study of psychopathology issues in bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating
  • The aftermath of disaster: Effective coping strategies for front-line first responders
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: The psychological consequences of ignoring guidelines for infant sleep safety
  • Care giving: An emotional rollercoaster - What are the psychological, social, and emotional impacts of caring for a loved one who has AIDS
  • The prevalence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Can genetic markers warn of a higher risk for PTSD in males between 25 and 40?
  • Refusing to immunize: Is fear of immunizing your child contributing to the global health crisis?
  • The unpopularity of smoking: Completing a behaviour assessment before creating a treatment plan
  • Dying to be vegan: Is it an ethical and moral choice to support the animal rights movement, or a true desire for optimum health?

This is just a small sampling of some of the topics that you may want to consider doing your dissertation on. If you intending to focus on a specific area within the field, while the above topics may not fit exactly, with a little bit of thought and brainstorming you may be able to adapt one to align with your vision.

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