Top 24 Great Dissertation Topics On Interior Design

One of the most amazing things about the learning environment is the fact that you can always be asked to write a paper on anything. This is a good thing in the sense that it expands your thinking capacity over and above anything that you would ever have imagined. If you are to write a paper on interior design. The following are some good topics that you can work with:

  1. Discuss the benefits of using terracotta tiles together with woven rugs
  2. Explain some of the basics of interior design to a newbie
  3. Choose any topic in interior design and discuss how it has been influenced by contemporary design
  4. Discuss how interior design of a house affects the individual’s brain
  5. Provide a list of benefits in a discussion of how interior design is an impressive career choice
  6. Discuss how you would go about reworking on a retirement home
  7. Discuss the link between interior design and fashion, and how these two borrow ideas from one another
  8. Explain how the design of a building affects the mental health of those using it from time to time
  9. Cite 5 different benefits of using kitchen floor mats for design
  10. Discuss how furniture in the Greenbelt have been remodeled around careful interior design
  11. While giving a speech to young students, explain to them why there is so much more to interior design than theory
  12. Discuss how new designs have influenced trends all over the world
  13. Explain how office plants can help in improving the productivity and moral within the workplace
  14. Explain how to manage distractions within the workplace through good design
  15. Discuss how to make a house hot property through impressive design
  16. Barbarian Group, a creative agency in New York share one gigantic desk for all their 100 employees. Discuss the feasibility of this concept with respect to saving space
  17. Discuss the sweet rewards of an extreme makeover of the house
  18. Discuss the impact that reality TV shows have had on retail décor for homes
  19. Explain some low cost ideas that would come in handy for a complete makeover of the interior of a house
  20. Discuss the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer
  21. Explain some of the qualifications for professional designers in the industry
  22. Citing relevant examples, advise a client on how long work on their house would take
  23. Discuss the concept of interior design on a tight budget
  24. Refute claims that interior design is only for the wealthy.

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