A List Of Unexplored Dissertation Topics In Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia is a medical term which means “loss of sensation”. The medications and their related catalysts are called anaesthetics. These anaesthetics are very useful and crucial in performing the medical tests and the surgical operations in order to induce sleep. It is necessary to put the patient to sleep because this prevents the person from feeling any kind of discomfort and pain and it also enables the surgeons to perform a very wide range of medical procedures that regularly need to be performed for various reasons.

Here we have a number of dissertation topics for your inspiration and needs. These topics are perfect and very suitable for your purpose of starting a good thesis based on a strong but unexplored research in field of anaesthesia. One can do their homework on any of these terms of interest. These dissertation topics are also a good choice for writing an essay for your medical speeches and exhibitions.

Here is a list of some interesting dissertation topics in the field of anaesthesia that have not been appropriately explored yet are:

  1. The comparatively exhaustive relation between fentanyl, hyperbaric lignocaine and intrathecal hyperbaric lignocaine during spinal blockade.
  2. Pain relief via intramuscular route post operation with comparison of inhibitors NSAID and COX-2
  3. The effect of intrathecal tramadol for surgery of hernia on the behavior of subarachnoid blocks.
  4. The overall influence and effect of intrathecal midazolam on the block of subarachnoid for the caesarean section.
  5. Comparatively vigorous study of pre operated bilateral infraorbital block of nerve along with the peri incisional infiltration for the need of post-operative pain relief in the cleft lip surgery in the matters of pediatric cases.
  6. Comparison of intra venous esmolol and oral clonidine for attenuation of the stress response to intubation and laryngoscopy in the middle ear surgery procedures.
  7. Effects of low dose dexmedetomidine upper infusion on the perioperative hemodynamic response and the post-operative analgesia requirements in the patients that are undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
  8. Dexmedetomidine acting as an adjuvant to the intrathecal hyperbaric bupivacaine for the spinal block characteristics and the post-operative analgesia for the lower limb orthopedic surgeries.
  9. Air way management in the field of pediatric anaesthesia (the Pro seal laryngeal mask airway v/s the endtracheal intubation).
  10. The efficiency and effectiveness of dexamethasone while getting added as an adjuvant to the combination of local anaesthetics in the brachial plexus block for the post-operative analgesia.
  11. The placental morphology and mechanism in the pregnancy induced hyper tension along with its clinical significance.

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