A Selection Of 22 Impressive Ideas For A Dissertation

If you listen to the advice of the professor, you have to start working on your dissertation months before the due date. This is because you need time to choose a great topic, and much more time to make proper research. Besides, it will take a few good weeks to write even the primary draft, because it’s a lot of information that needs to be summarized, analyzed and re-written. If you started later than you should and you are desperately searching for a topic, get inspired by these ideas:

  1. Abortion. It is quite controversial and you will have plenty of information to select. Besides, you can approach this matter from various perspectives, which will make your project truly interesting.

  2. An exotic religion. Even if you will choose a small religious group from your country or a mysterious tribe from Africa, your classmates will be thrilled to learn about new cultures.

  3. Asian cuisine. Many of the things that they serve we do not consider as food. Present some dishes and their story.

  4. Animals in laboratories. There were many debates if the animals should be used for medical experiments or not.

  5. Discrimination. What are the statistics in your country regarding this? How can we stop it?

  6. Internet banking. Nowadays, we don’t have to make any trip to the bank to take some money or change our code. We can do everything from home. Is this safe?

  7. Freelancing. Present the story of a successful freelancer and tips on how someone can start in this career.

  8. Death punishment. It is permitted in many countries, but it is applied only in exceptional cases.

  9. Texting and driving. A big number of accidents happened because drivers were using their cell phones while driving.

  10. Black and white segregation. Did you know that there are still countries where you can get killed for the color of your skin?

  11. Electric cars. This seems to be the best way to reduce the costs of transportation and eliminate the pollution.

  12. Alternative education. There are many schools that have a different educational system.

  13. Bilingual children. Apparently, knowing more than one language can help a child develop successfully.

  14. Color therapy. It is used mostly for people who can not communicate verbally.

  15. The greatest discoveries of the last century.

  16. Political parties in your country.

  17. The effect of global warming and how can we stop it.

  18. Is marijuana consumption an innocent action?

  19. Middle East and social traditions.

  20. Surveillance cameras. Can this be considered a threat to our privacy?

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