Original Thesis Topic Ideas In Finance: Top 15 Suggestions

The fact that people have been writing business thesis for years does not mean that you cannot find original ideas. The world of finance has expanded significantly, an aspect that provides greater ideas. The secret is to avoid common areas of study and venture into the emerging business segments. These three areas will help you come up with original topics for your paper.

  • Technology
  • Technology is redefining business models all over the world. It has a direct influence on human resource, advertising, accounting and shopping, among other aspects. With new technology emerging on daily basis, you have an opportunity to explore incredible ideas regarding technology and its effect on finances in your thesis. You may consider the following ideas.

    1. Is technology slowly taking over the banking hall?
    2. A look at a paperless economy
    3. Is technology securing personal finances or exposing bankers to greater risks?
    4. What commodities will never make it to the online market?
    5. Enhancing digital marketing over mobile devices without intruding into personal space
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship has attracted the attention of learners and investors as inventors stir the world of finance with simple but revolutionary ideas. Financing entrepreneurs is a sensitive issue especially regarding split ownership of such businesses. There are numerous issues that would form an incredible idea for your thesis. They include:-

    1. Sharing finance system information with entrepreneurs to enhance innovation
    2. What level of risk is involved in outsourcing financial services
    3. How can investors encourage entrepreneurship without over exposure?
    4. When is the right time for financiers to invest in an idea
    5. Is the banking sector too cautious about technology for no reason?
  • Personal finances
  • No individual can claim to have mastered personal finances. Even the wealthiest admit to loosening their guards at one point or the other. With more people interested in finding solutions to personal finances, you have an excellent opportunity to provide solutions through a thought-out thesis on personal finances. Some of the ideas to explore include:-

    1. Is the credit card for savers?
    2. The easiest route to financial freedom
    3. How to divide personal earnings on monthly basis
    4. Passive income is a myth
    5. Relationship between education and personal financial management

There are many others areas in finance to base your thesis. Finance issues emerge on daily basis providing rich fodder to the world of academics. These issues provide excellent ideas that can be used to shape your thesis into a compelling paper.

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