The Secret To Creating A Good Thesis Defense Presentation

Writing a thesis is not always guarantee that one is going to graduate with a degree. A thesis requires to be defended before a panel of academicians. To defend your thesis you need to prepare a presentation that convinces your supervisors that whatever you are researching on is important and of help to humanity. To do so you ought to have prepared adequately so that you are not you sufficiently convince your seniors that you are up to the task. To make a good thesis defense presentation you need to consider the following tips.

  • Know what you are going to say
  • Even the most beautiful slides with the most attractive presentations will fail you if you do not memorize what they contain. Know what the next slide will be talking about even before you click the button. Convince the panel that you are fully aware of what you are talking about and not just merely reading the slides for them. Reading directly from the slides shows lack of preparedness and will definitely deduct a number of marks from you.

  • Make your presentation simple
  • If you are using PowerPoint presentations, then it is very important that you keep it simplest possible. Avoid congesting your slides with a lot of information that will make them look clumsy and out of order. PowerPoint presentations are meant to give simple highlights while you add meaning to the rest of the information. Also it is good to avoid distinct background colors and simply use white because you are not sure of the background of the surface you will be projecting on. This makes your slides easily visible.

  • Know whom you are presenting to
  • Knowing your audience helps you to know what they expect from you. Your choice of language also largely depends on the type of audience you have. If the panel you are presenting to consists of old professors who graduated long time ago, then you need to be very official and minimize on any jokes or unofficial language. If the panel consists of young academicians, you can crack a relevant joke once in a while though not often.

  • Present to yourself before the real day
  • This is very important especially if you are one of those who are affected by stage fright. The saying that practice makes perfect applies here in its fullest. You can set everything in your room or call a small audience comprising of friends and present to them. This will help improve your courage and keep you at the top of the game.

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